2016 Cheltenham Festival Comp Catch-Up & Day 4 Selections

Apologies for the lack of posts over the last couple of days as I ended up going to Cheltenham for longer than anticipated. With a lot to get through, the main news coming from the competition is that one person has shot clear like last year, that person being Calum Madell who looks to consolidate his comfortable lead on the final day and isn’t making the same mistake as last year when losing in the final race!

OTOH Blogger/Guests Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Race 4
Adam Webb Yanworth No More Heroes Brother Tedd E/W Sprinter Sacre
-63.75 -73.75 -83.75 -23.75
Calum Madell Yanworth More Of That Diamond King SPRINTER SACRE
-25.83 -35.83 94.17 214.17
Luke Elder Yanworth No More Heroes BAOULET DELAROQUE E/W Sprinter Sacre
-63.75 -73.75 -93.75 -33.75
George Gorman Yanworth More Of That Blazer UN DE SCEAUX
2.5 -7.5 -17.5 -37.5
Jason Herridge YANWORTH More Of That Politologue Sprinter Sacre
-53.75 -63.75 -73.75 -13.75
Michael Andrews Vigil E/W Vyta Du Roc E/W BROTHER TEDD E/W Sprinter Sacre
-63.33 -73.33 -93.33 -33.33
Sean Ellis A Toi Phil MORE OF THAT Waxie’s Dargle E/W Sprinter Sacre
-7.5 -27.5 -37.5 22.5
OTOH Blogger/Guests Race 5 Race 6 Race 7
Adam Webb Balthazar King OUR THOMAS E/W First Figaro E/W
-33.75 -53.75 -63.75
Calum Madell Balthazar King Diego Du Charmil New To This Town
204.17 279.17 269.17
Luke Elder Ballybroker Bridge E/W Kasakh Noir E/W Castello Sforza
-43.75 -53.75 -63.75
George Gorman Quantitativeeasing Kasakh Noir Bacardys
-47.5 -57.5 -67.5
Jason Herridge Balthazar King Jaleo E/W High Bridge E/W
-23.75 -33.75 -43.75
Michael Andrews Balthazar King Kasakh Noir E/W Onthewesternfront E/W
-43.33 -53.33 -63.33
Sean Ellis Josie’s Orders Campeador New To This Town
12.5 2.5 -7.5



OTOH Blogger/Guests Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Race 4
Adam Webb Garde La Victoire LEAVE AT DAWN Vautour Thistlecrack
-73.75 -93.75 -73.75 -53.75
Calum Madell Outlander OUR KAEMPFER E/W Road To Riches Thistlecrack
259.17 239.17 229.17 249.17
Luke Elder Garde La Victoire Our Kaempfer Vautour Thistlecrack
-73.75 -83.75 -63.75 -43.75
George Gorman Garde La Victoire Leave At Dawn VAUTOUR Thistlecrack
-77.5 -87.5 -47.5 -27.5
Jason Herridge Garde La Victoire Leave At Dawn E/W Vautour Thistlecrack
-53.75 -63.75 -43.75 -23.75
Michael Andrews Black Hercules If In Doubt E/W Josses Hill E/W Thistlecrack
-13.33 4.17 -5.83 14.17
Sean Ellis Outlander Arpege D’Alene E/W Smashing E/W THISTLECRACK
-17.5 5 -5 15
OTOH Blogger/Guests Race 5 Race 6 Race 7
Adam Webb Johns Spirit Tea In Transvaal E/W Cause Of Causes
-63.75 -73.75 -18.75
Calum Madell Johns Spirit Limini A Good Skin E/W
239.17 256.44 278.94
Luke Elder Johns Spirit Chocca Wocca E/W SAMBREMONT E/W
-53.75 -63.75 -83.75
George Gorman Fingal Bay Smart Talk Sambremont
-37.5 -47.5 -57.5
Jason Herridge JOHNS SPIRIT E/W Limini Upswing E/W
-43.75 -26.48 -36.48
Michael Andrews Ballynagour E/W TEA IN TRANSVAAL E/W Cause Of Causes
4.17 -5.83 49.17
Sean Ellis Art Mauresque E/W Limini The Job Is Right E/W
5 22.27 12.27


OTOH Blogger/Guests Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Race 4
Adam Webb Zubayr All Yours E/W WEST APPROACH E/W Cue Card
Calum Madell Zubayr Starchitect E/W Barters Hill Cue Card
Luke Elder Sceau Royal John Constable Barters Hill Djakadam
George Gorman Ivanovich Gorbatov Wait For Me Long Dog Cue Card
Jason Herridge Zubayr Blue Hell E/W BARTERS HILL Don Cossack
Michael Andrews Zubayr BLUE HELL Alysson Monterg E/W Cue Card
Sean Ellis Connetable E/W Cardinal Walter E/W Long Dog DON POLI
OTOH Blogger/Guests Race 5 Race 6 Race 7
Adam Webb It Came To Pass E/W Qualando Next Sensation
Calum Madell It Came To Pass E/W Bivouac E/W NEXT SENSATION
Luke Elder On The Fringe Qualando NEXT SENSATION
George Gorman ON THE FRINGE Montdragon E/W Rock The World
Jason Herridge Paint The Clouds E/W Qualando E/W Next Sensation E/W
Michael Andrews On The Fringe Nabucco E/W Next Sensation
Sean Ellis Mendip Express E/W Qualando Eastlake

Good luck on the final day!