Cheltenham Festival 2016 Comp Final Scores

After being agonisingly pipped in the final race last year, it’s congratulations to Calum who gains revenge with a success in a similar fashion to how Thistlecrack won yesterday, although it wouldn’t be right to describe Michael’s second place being on a par with Alpha Des Obeaux! In saying that, well done on ending with some profit whilst George Gorman managed to end the week breaking even.

Jason and Sean both ended with a negative amount but not as embarrassing as Adam in sixth (not last for once!) and last year’s winner Luke who ends the week coming home in a tailed off and dismal last place.

OTOH Blogger/Guests Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Race 4
Adam Webb Zubayr All Yours E/W WEST APPROACH E/W Cue Card
-28.75 -38.75 -58.75 -68.75
Calum Madell Zubayr Starchitect E/W Barters Hill Cue Card
268.94 258.94 248.94 238.94
Luke Elder Sceau Royal John Constable Barters Hill Djakadam
-93.75 -103.75 -113.75 -123.75
George Gorman Ivanovich Gorbatov Wait For Me Long Dog Cue Card
-2.5 -12.5 -22.5 -32.5
Jason Herridge Zubayr Blue Hell E/W BARTERS HILL Don Cossack
-46.48 -56.48 -76.48 -43.98
Michael Andrews Zubayr BLUE HELL Alysson Monterg E/W Cue Card
39.17 19.17 9.17 -0.83
Sean Ellis Connetable E/W Cardinal Walter E/W Long Dog DON POLI
2.27 -7.73 -17.73 -27.73
OTOH Blogger/Guests Race 5 Race 6 Race 7
Adam Webb It Came To Pass E/W Qualando Next Sensation
-78.75 -88.75 -98.75
Calum Madell It Came To Pass E/W Bivouac E/W NEXT SENSATION
228.94 218.94 198.94
Luke Elder On The Fringe Qualando NEXT SENSATION
-97.5 -107.5 -127.5
George Gorman ON THE FRINGE Montdragon E/W Rock The World
20 10 0
Jason Herridge Paint The Clouds E/W Qualando E/W Next Sensation E/W
-33.35 -43.35 -53.35
Michael Andrews On The Fringe Nabucco E/W Next Sensation
27.08 17.08 7.08
Sean Ellis Mendip Express E/W Qualando Eastlake
-37.73 -47.73 -57.73